Many people are unhappy with their smile. Whether teeth are crooked, crowded or not as bright as you would like them to be, or whether you have a missing tooth or teeth, embarrassment about how your smile looks can cause you to hide it behind your hands or turn away, and can have a negative impact on your self-confidence and how you interact with people.

Cosmetic dentistry, once the preserve of the rich and famous, is now accessible to all patients. Cosmetic dentistry focuses on the aesthetics of your smile and involves a series of treatments that will enhance your smile and boost your confidence.

At Harrow Lane our dental team is highly experienced in all aspects of cosmetic dentistry, and we are pleased to offer a wide range of cosmetic dental treatments.

Treatments we offer include:

Teeth whitening

Teeth are stained by the food and drink we consume. Over time this can cause your teeth to lose their natural bright sheen. Our teeth whitening treatments are a quick, safe and effective way to get that brightness back and give your smile a boost.

White fillings

White or tooth-coloured fillings are the perfect solution for patients who have tooth decay. Unlike traditional metal amalgam fillings, these fillings are made from a strong composite material, meaning they are unnoticeable in the mouth, while providing strong and durable biting and chewing surfaces for your teeth.

Porcelain veneers

Porcelain veneers are like false fingernails for your teeth. These thin slivers of porcelain are attached over the front teeth to cover stains, chips and slightly gappy or crooked teeth.

Inlays & Onlays

Inlays and onlays are two types of restorations that your dentist can suggest if you have a cavity in your tooth that needs to be filled. An inlay is a small filling that fits into the biting surface of a tooth while an onlay covers a larger area of the tooth and is better suited to bigger cavities.


There is a solution to having straighter teeth without having to wear metal braces. Known as invisible orthodontics, this type of treatment offers you the choice of wearing a clear and sometimes removable appliance while straightening and aligning your teeth.